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Our Value

At BOA & Co., we believe in the power of numbers. As our name suggests, we are a collective of partners who share common values. After many successful years of running our firm, we are excited to extend our platform and share our experience to help you run yours. 

We are proposing an unique opportunity for you to become a partner at our Chatswood head office. Joining us will instantly liberate you from administrative and resource management obligations. Additionally, we can help you build your client base, improve your workflow and enhance your service quality through adopting our effective model.

The Program

With this program, we can accelerate your career progression and steer it toward one that prioritises your success.

As a partner at BOA & Co., you will have dedicated and fully equipped workspace exclusively for you. Our existing infrastructure and personnel will enable you to focus only on the accounting side and add value to your service.

Furthermore, our accounting system is powered by Xero and fully cloud integrated to provide you with the best accounting tool.

tax office space tax firm

Your Benefits

Take control of your success.

You have full control over how you conduct business and we work with you to ensure you achieve your goals. You will not be answering to any boss but yourself.

Take advantage of our infrastructure.

Eliminate the burden of high initial setup costs such as office space, HR, IT support, and equipment. Use ours and get to growing your client base instantly.

Work with like-minded professionals.

At BOA & Co., we recognise and value the importance of collaboration. Thus, we have created a space where you will have access to a wealth of knowledge from other experts in their respective fields.

Join Us

If you are an aspiring CPA/CA qualified accountant or a small practice, we want to hear from you.

Reach out today and discuss how you can become a partner.