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Do you know about Stamp Duty Concession on certain asset transfers in Self-Managed Super Fund?

Are you a property investor? Are you a trustee of SMSF?   Then you should read this article carefully.  Aside from the lower tax rates which apply within a self-managed superannuation fund, the trustees of SMSF can also take advantage…

7 steps to set up a company in Australia

  Setting up a company may be the first step people think of when coming across starting up a business. Although that is not always the case, there are other structures also available for running a business like mentioned in…

What to know about Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and How to Calculate It.

The vast majority of property investors pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on a rental property when they sell, or dispose, of it. So it’s important to understand what is CGT and how it is calculated. In this post, we will…

What’s New for 2020FY Home Office Tax Claims due to COVID-19

With an increased number of employees working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, home office expense claims have become more common deduction items for the 2020 tax year. Anyone who has worked from home, they may be able to…

3 Types of Dividends for Company Shareholders

  Do you know there are 3 Types of Dividends for company shareholders?  If you have read our previous post “Comparison on Business Structures” you will find that company is the only structure that can distribute after taxed retain profits…

5 Mistakes on Self-Manged Super (SMSF) Property Investment

Deciding on getting into property investment through the self-managed super fund or SMSF is something worth considering. If you take into consideration the volatility of the stock market, low-interest rates, and tax concessions, it makes a lot of sense. So…

When Can I Access My Super Fund?

Generally, you can start withdrawing from your superannuation fund after you’ve reached your preservation age and you’re retired, but there are instances when you may be able to access super early.   Your super is designed to help fund your…

Australia Land Tax – An Introduction

Can You Avoid Remitting Your Land Tax? It is possible to stop paying your monthly land tax. However, that would mean you also stop purchasing more properties.  How would that sound? I guess you wouldn’t want to give up on…

Do You Want to Retire in Comfort? Investing in Property then

Why invest in property for retirement income? After you retire, you need a plan to generate income. As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only about 10% of Aussies who retired from the labor force will earn $1,500 or more…

How to Make Tax-deductible Super Contributions

What are tax-deductible super contributions? Tax-deductible super contributions are made from your after-tax income. This income may be from a variety of sources such as your take-home pay, savings, an inheritance or from the sale of assets. Whatever the source,…

Minimise Land Tax in Five Easy Ways

  Land tax is a tax payable based on the combined unimproved value of the land a person or entity owns. The land tax is calculated based on how much the land in question would be worth were it vacant….

How to Register an Australian Business Name (ABN)?

ABN is an 11-digit number that represents your business to the gov, other businesses and the public in Australia.

EOFY 2019/2020 Tax Planning Guide for Business

EOFY 2019/2020 is Approaching!   Is your business ready to save on tax claim? Here are some top tips from BOA & Co.’s tax guide for small business owner when it comes to year-end tax planning: Tax planning tips for small…

EOFY 2019/2020 Tax Planning Guide for SMSF Trustee

EOFY 2019/2020 is Approaching!   Are you ready to save on the SMSF tax claim? Here are some top tips from BOA & Co. for SMSF trustee when it comes to year-end tax planning: Tax planning tips for SMSF trustee: Check…

EOFY 2019/2020 Tax Planning Guide for Personal/Family

EOFY 2019/2020 is Approaching!   Are you ready to save on personal and family tax claim? Here are some top tips from BOA & Co. for Personal/Family when it comes to year-end tax planning: Tax planning tips for personal and family:…

How to apply for an ABN in Australia

It is often the case that the average worker chooses a tax ID (TFN). ABN is not necessary for individuals, but for transactions with other companies, ABN allows other companies to easily confirm your details when booking and outgoing invoices. How to successfully apply for an ABN is very helpful for Australian company registration. There are 15 steps to applying for ABN.

Comparison on Business Structures in Australia

How to register and set up a business in Australia? There are four main types of business models in Australia: self-employed, partnership, trust and company. The above four business models need to register for GST if the annual turnover exceeds $ 75,000 …

How to start a business in Australia

How to start a business in Australia? You have to understand what company structures there are, and see which one best applies to you.

Assets Depreciation Changes Soften Residential Investor Demand

The changes mean owners of any property not bought brand new will no longer be able to depreciate items like air-conditioners, cooktops and dishwashers, or shared equipment such as lifts and gyms in apartment complexes.

Policy Changes for SMSF Customers & Those Requesting Interest Only Lending

On 1 July 2017 some additional changes will be implemented for Interest Only Home Loans to ensure we continue to apply responsible lending practices …

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